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Undoing mass incarceration by a path untraveled



In a Whole New Way

In a Whole New Way

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Experience how an innovative

probation practice changed lives!

The rental fee lets the film be shared more widely.


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   All royalties from the sale of this book

net of project expenses

will be donated to the photographers

and arts programming serving New Yorkers on probation.

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Catch the discussion

of the program, gallery exhibits, and film!

Even prior to release of the film and book publication,

the program and gallery exhibits

changed the media narrative about probation.

Equipped with cameras and a novel artistic technique for changing the way they are seen, hundreds of New Yorkers on probation along with their neighbors
set out in a whole new way to return the sanction to its rehabilitative roots—only to find themselves transformed.

The second initiative by our nonpartisan nonprofit, embraced by the American Probation and Parole Association,
with programming leading to thousands in stipends paid by NYC, successful gallery exhibits, a globally honored PBS film, a widely acclaimed book,
careers launched, thousands of opportunities in the form of paid teaching gigs and photo shoots along with photograph sales—
and, no surprise, less crime.
Together helping reform America's dominant criminal justice intervention and repair its tattered reputation.
The end result?
A sanction more widely viewed as an effective alternative to locking people up—
more humane, less costly, and better at keeping everyone safe.


Poster August 7 with WSFF laurel.png

Film poster

—United Nations Association Film Festival

"Despite the undeniably important reality
behind the action taken by the subjects
of this documentary,
In a Whole New Way feels uplifting
and hopeful for a better future.
Eloquently narrated and thoughtfully put together,
this documentary proves people can effect change. That if communities come together,
we make the world a better place.”
—Infinity Film Festival (London)

"A pioneering path to criminal justice reform."
Palo Alto Weekly

"Such a thoughtful

and life-affirming documentary!"
—Steve Woolworth

Past President

International Community Justice Assocation

"Moving, important, inspirational, and eye-opening,
you won't want to miss this short film
about one of the most pressing issues of our time."
—Thomas Memorial Library
Cape Elizabeth, Maine

"This book will still be read
two hundred years from now!"
—In Conversation with Frank Schaeffer

Book back cover.jpg

Book back cover

Next Gen certificate-1.jpg

"Jonathan Fisher and George Carrano
are helping to change the world!"
—Authority Magazine

"I'm a huge fan of your work!"
—Montel Williams
TV Host, Actor,
and Motivational Speaker

"You've allowed us to see the world through others' eyes.
Your work is changing the world!"
Dave Nemo Weekends


"An incredible book...
a remarkable project...
a groundbreaking endeavor!"
Stories From the 78


"The photos are great
but the stories are amazing as well."
Conversations Live with Cyrus Webb


"A fascinating collection of photographs
and personal testimonies that offer
groundbreaking insight into both the probation system and the people immersed in it."
The Reporters inc.


"I love the work you've been doing.
I can't say enough good about it!"
—Valerie L. Cartonio
Prison Pod Productions


"Otherness in criminal justice has to be addressed—
and photography is a great way to get at that.
In a Whole New Way leverages the visual arts
to break down barriers and truly utilize
the power of perspective-taking."
—Joe Arvidson
The Criminologist

Seeing for Ourselves equips and trains marginalized individuals to take control of their own public narrative by documenting their lives photographically.

The practice is known as "participatory photography."

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