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The Photographers.


The photographers whose work is displayed in the film and companion book "In a Whole New Way" reside in the most disadvantaged neighborhoods of New York.  They all signed up for a 12-week workshop and training course brought to the New York City Department of Probation (DOP) by Seeing for Ourselves, which became DOP's partner. Some participants from the early sessions are pictured below.



photographer IMG_4456-X3.jpg
photographer IMG_5999-X3.jpg
photographer IMG_4466-X3.jpg
photographer IMG_0005-X2.jpg
photographer IMG_0050-X4.jpg
photographer unnamed (11)-X3.jpg
photographer IMG_8882-X4.jpg
photographer IMG_4696-X3.jpg
photographer IMG_0172-X2.jpg
photographer IMG_4030-X2.jpg
photographer IMG_0219-X2.jpg
photographer IMG_0304-X3.jpg
photographer IMG_9573-X3.jpg
photographer IMG_4546-X3.jpg
photographer IMG_4513-X3.jpg
photographer IMG_4664-X3.jpg
photographer IMG_4984-X3.jpg
photographer IMG_9400 (2)-X3.jpg
photographer IMG_8766-X2.jpg
photographer L1060257-X3.jpg
photographer IMG_9097 (1)-X4.jpg
photographer IMG_4101-X2.jpg
photographer IMG_0171-X2.jpg
photographer IMG_5002-X2.jpg
photographer IMG_5003-X2.jpg
photographer L1060257-X3.jpg
photographer IMG_9567-X2.jpg
photographer _MG_0014-X4.jpg
photographer IMG_4986-X2.jpg
photographer DSC_5299-X3.jpg
photographer SDIM1380-X3.jpg
photographer DSC_6392-X3.jpg
photographer SDIM0159-X2.jpg

Albert Henry
Alisha Price Sylvain
Ana Torres
Andre Whitehead
Andrew Lorenzo
Angel Tejeda
Anthony Fauntleroy
Ashley Evans
Azoriah Smith
Briany Wilson
Carl McIntosh
Celeste Whitner
Christopher Workman
Clayton Harris
Clifton Anderson
Clyde Pryce
Collie Crawford
Cory Carr
Deandre Ellison
Denasia Marnez
Denroy Golding
Devonte Rhodes
Diamond Marquez
Dillon Miller
Dylan Henry
Ebony Walden
Elayshah Garcia
Eli Matos
Emily Alvarez
Emrose Dowdy
Eric McLeod
Erika Perez
Franze Williams
Garrie Edwards
Gerald Monval
Isaiah Felicano
Isaiah Burdee
Isaiah Reid
J'Veon Jefferson
Jaden Inniss
Japridede Carter
Jashonna Jenkins
Jasmine Faulkner
Javanni Lovelace
Jesus Cerda
John Skyes
Joseph Bevel
Joseph Cordova
Kalefe Williams
Kenneth Swindell
Kenya Johnson
Kevin Green
Keyshana Mims
Kezia King
Khallil Ragin
Kiani Smith
Kirk Lawrence
Lamall K. Kinsey
Laquan Chestnut
Leo Mojica
Lorenzo Freeman
Mahew Karim
Mekai Wilson
Michael Gomez
Michael McIntosh
Michael Odumosu
Mikal Campbell
Molly Cobery
Moshelle Fisher Sco
Napoleon Bond
Nathalie Marc
Nicodemus Hartzog
Nyree Perry
Patrice Payne
Pelrique Price
Prince Foster
Rashein Smith
Renoy Johnson
Rham Robinson
Sandra Haibor
Saniyah Paul-Trice
Sha-King Robinson
Shamel Mitchell
Shaquweice Mills
Sharon Harris
Siddeequah Taylor
Starlien Arevalo
Storme Crooks
Taquan Spencer
Taana Frost
Tavel Williams
Terry Yeboah
Tiffany Zayas
Todiyah Williams
Trishana Brown
Triston Acosta White
Tyrek Smith
Tysean Hennegan
Vernell Hamle
Vincent Harriston
William Estrada-Bonnilla



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